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Zoopli. What do we do

the smart stuff

We take your data (ERP, CRM, Spreadsheets, etc.) then use what's needed based on logic, experience, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to create practical solutions that increase sales for B2B businesses of any size. 

We start with templates that we customise for your unique data and circumstances to become YOUR SOLUTION.

working with you

We're all about working with you to create solutions that solve your business problems and improve customer satisfaction and customer retention. We will guide you, but we will be guided by you so we deliver YOUR SOLUTION successfully. Our goal if your increased sales.

Expect us to talk to you and ask questions. Expect us to challenge you. We expect the same from you. We love to learn and learn from every engagement.

using your solution

Got a favourite reporting, analytical or business intelligence tool? Prefer Excel? No problem, just import YOUR SOLUTION  to your favourite tools.

Want to use our report and dashboards? Super, we can deliver YOUR SOLUTION from our platform. We have the flexibility to deliver your solution however your prefer, improve customer satisfaction, customer retention, and increase your sales. 

Zoopli Behavioral Analytics

Which of your customers is due to spend today? This week? This month? Have they spent or are they late? How many "spends" have they missed? Know this, and act on this knowledge to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and boost customer retention.

With our Behavioral Analytics, know who should spend, when they should spend, how much they should spend, and monitor late spenders by days late. 

Why? So you can target the right customers and make sure you don't lose them.

Your late to spend customers are worth more than you know to your business. Each time they don't spend, you've missed a sales opportunity. And many missed opportunities lead to lost customers. We can stop that.

Zoopli B2B Basket Analytics

Baskets are the orders and invoices generated for customers. Basket data generates create incredible insights, and make relevant recommendations that increase sales.

Every business knows their complimentary products - tables & chairs, burgers & fries, widgets and grommets. But do you know the hidden relationships between products? This is when there's no easily identifiable pattern, but 90% of people who buy "tables & chairs" also buy "batteries".

Zoopli finds and shows those hidden relationships. These are new opportunities for your business. Wouldn't you like to be presented with 100's or 1,000's of new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities? 

Zoopli Customer and Product Ranking

When did a customer last buy? What did they buy? How many times this year did they buy from you? How much did they spend? What is the total lifetime value of the customer? 

All customers and products are not equal. 

Ranking customers and products allows you to focus not only on the best, but those to nurture into the higher performing segments and tiers that are most valuable to you.

Bust the 80/20 myth for customers, revenue, & profit and know exactly which customers are most valuable and profitable, and the unprofitable few dragging performance down. Increase sales by targeting the right customer with the right offers at the right time.

About Us

Why Zoopli


Your data is valuable. We make your data work for you, finding ways to increase sales and make you money. And while your data works harder, you don't.

How does Zoopli work


You have data. In spreadsheets, ERP systems, databases. Zoopli takes that data and finds hidden relationships and opportunities for you and your team to win more with less effort and increase sales.

What is Zoopli


Zoopli is an online platform that uses your data, advanced algorithms, and practical business logic to uncover ways to increase sales and save money. Find problems before they're problems, and help your team win more by losing less business. Improve customer satisfaction and increase customer retention.

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